Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26 - The Weekday Breakfast Club and Knitting

Just let me start by saying I've written this blog post already and when I toggled the blog software to the background while I went to the Flickr App to look for a picture, I lost all my text!! Damn! I had a great blog post almost finished when this happened. My own fault! Save and Save Often! I need to heed my own words of advice! Oh well, live and learn and here we go again. :o)

I live in a rural community near to the village of Dundalk, Ontario. I'm on a farm about 8km from that small village so I don't really have neighbours. My son and his girl friend own the property closest to us and it's still a fair walk to their house. The only other neighbour that I can "see" is not worth even talking to :o( They are NOT nice people. So here I am out here in the middle of BFN with my four dogs and lots and lots of yarn. My hubby and sons work in the city and don't come home every day.

Because of this, I go into town most days to have coffee at the restaurant. It's not a very big place but it's nice and their coffee is decent and the wait staff is awesome! I need to go into town to talk to "humans" as I've always said. You can talk to dogs a lot but if they start answering you, you know you need to go talk to other peeps. :o)

We started this Breakfast Club thing a few years ago. My hubby and I would go to the local restaurant for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and there we got to meet some people. We've carried on the Breakfast Club tradition for the last 8 years and have added a couple of more people along they way. There are 8 of us that are the "core" breakfast club people but others join us from time to time.

Brenda and I are two of the weekend Breakfast Club people that meet during the week as well. Recently, Debbie has found herself in a situation where she gets to come to weekday breakfast club too.

Last year, Debbie bought a ball of Sirdar Big Softie and just recently she finally found a set of 12mm needles that were required to do the pattern that they gave her at the store where she bought the yarn.

Yesterday, she brought the yarn, needles and pattern to breakfast and between Brenda and I, we got her cast-on and going on the scarf pattern she has. I only helped her cast-on, Brenda was beside her so she showed her the knit and purl stitches and then after a few rows of that, there was some K2Tog and YO to deal with. She did really well!!

Here's a couple of pictures of Debbie with her new scarf:

Look at that needle!! Holy! Looks like a broom handle! lol. But seriously, Debbie hasn't knit since she was a teenager so I'm totally impressed how well she picked it back up again. She also has a brand new baby grandson. Hopefully she'll get into it as much as we do and start knitting cute little boy things.

We also have a couple of new faces to join our Weekday Breakfast Club. Dianna and Andrea. Dianna crochets and has knit in the past and she picked up a bunch of yarn and started a knitted scarf last night. I can't believe her progress already! She has a ton done and I'm sure she'd have more done but ran out of one of the yarns she was using. Andrea is a crocheter. We got all the ladies to join Ravelry so now we should have more projects floating around soon.

Not to leave anyone out we also have Charlene, that's Brenda's younger daughter. She comes once in a while to Breakfast Club too. We'd like to see her more out there! Charlene is working on her first ever knit project, a scarf made with Bernat Jacquards in worsted weight.

Well now my blog is caught up to today. I've been busy around the house rearranging furniture and such and haven't been on the computer much at all this week. I'll try to be a better blogger, I promise :o)

Until later today,
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  1. I love this entry! We live in the city, as you know, but dream of living somewhere tucked away. Where you live sounds so cozy. And I love hearing about the Breakfast Club. I crochet, but am a beginner, I have only made scarves and cat toys so far, basic stuff. I'm still learning and would love to find a community like that. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day. ~Jen