Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 15 - The Fuzzy Yarn Becomes a Shawl

After spending a few hours in Ravelry trying to decide on the right pattern for the lovely Rico Glitz Aran yarn I finally decided on Sumac Leaf Shawl by Anna Dalvi. I purchased and downloaded the pattern and got off to a start in the wee hours of January 15th.

The yarn is so incredibly soft! And the colour is lovely. It looks like spun gold! Here's the image of the yarn for a second time:

I didn't knit much on Saturday night (this post is from Saturday, just didn't get to it until Sunday) but I did get two full repeats of the pattern done plus the initial repeat so there's three repeat so far.

I love the way it's working up. I might, however, find I hate this yarn. It's seriously a magnet for dog fur and if you know anything about me, you know that I have 4 very sheddy dogs! So even though I LOVE the feel of this yarn, I might give this shawl away :o(

Well I'm putting the shawl to the side for a bit while I cast on the Ear Flap Hat that matches the Lofty Cable Mittens that I just made. Hopefully I'll have enough yarn.

Later peeps.

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