Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 25 - Felting

My experience with felting is minimal, well...purposely felted items anyway. Who here hasn't accidentally felted a knit item before? A couple of years ago, I made a pair of mittens for my best friend, Meg. They were made with Debbie Bliss' Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran in this sage green colour that reminds me of her (My BFF Meg, not Debbie Bliss).

Here they are unfelted:

And here's a picture from after they were felted:

It was an awesome pattern called: Aran Felted Mittens #132 by Shirl the Purl of Cabin Fever.

I was not able to felt them myself as I don't have a top-loading washing machine so one of the people that works at the store I used to attend felted them for me.

I finished half of the Cable Felted Bag before Christmas and have the second half on a needle somewhere. I really need to pull that out and get it finished. I bought a bunch of Patons SWS - Soy Wool Stripes at the Bernat Factory Outlet sale last summer.

Here's a couple of pictures of half the bag:

I really like the colours in this colourway and the way SWS slowly shifts from one colour to the next. It's a lovely yarn to work with and feels nice on the hands. This is a UFO that I really want to get done before the spring.

I have other felt projects queued up to do like some slippers that I saw and fell in love with. I'm nervous about the sizing aspect of felting. I mean, it's not like after you knit the item, felt it...there is no size adjusting at that point!

I should find the socks I made with SWS when I first started sock knitting. I really really loved them. They accidentally got into the regular wash and got loaded in the machine and came out thick and small. They might make a pair of heavy sock type slippers for a small child.

Here's a picture of my SWS socks BEFORE they got accidentally felted:

Ciao for now!

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  1. I've been pretty lucky to not have felted anything. Dude, blog a day? Wow!

  2. @knitty_kat: I'm really trying to do one a day with photos. I missed a weekend at the beginning of the month and decided that if I miss a day from then on, I'd catch them up when I had time. This week has been busy so I missed 2 days in a row. I have today's post in my head now ;o)