Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11 - Camilla Valley Farms

Today Brenda and I and the dogs headed off to Camilla Valley Farms to check out their yarns and knitting needles.


It's a great little place on a farm on the Blind Line just south of 20 Side Road in Amaranth. They are a weaver's supply house mostly and I've been there once before to buy hand cards but this time she had LOTS more yarn. I didn't take any pictures in there this time but I did buy a few things.

I got a skein of sock yarn.

Because you know, I don't have near enough sock yarn but I do have a great weakness when it comes to 1) Sock yarn, and 2) things that are blue & green.

I got a cone of 2-ply waste yarn for the sock machine for $2.00! That's a lot of yarn right there for $2.00.

And I spoiled myself with a new pottery coffee cup.

Not ceramic, pottery, made by Pine Ridge.

There's just something about drinking from real pottery and the glaze on this cup is nice and smooth. I've only had water in it so far but I'm looking forward to having a cup of tea in it in the morning.

I finished knitting the ear-flap hat but I haven't done the edge yet. I did cast on the first mitten that I'm knitting with the same yarn. I've gotten past 2 full repeats of the cable pattern. I find that the dark yarn hides the cables a bit but I'm still loving the way it's looking.

I'm actually not feeling too great right now. My stomach has been doing somersaults for the last while so I took a dose of Pepto-Bismol and brought my iPad and knitting upstairs. After I finish this blog entry, I'll either knit for a bit or just crash out. Hopefully I'm not getting sick like so many around me. Fingers crossed for the morning!

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