Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 23 - Kertzer Tweed Montage, What To Do?

This is the yarn I used on the Lofty Cable Mittens and the matching hat. I REALLY loved this yarn! It is lovely to work with and feel so soft. And it contains 56% real wool so it's WAAARM. So the last time that Brenda and I were in Owen Sound at Riverside Yarns, she had a few balls in her sale bin. There was only one colourway that she had two balls of, all the rest were singles and you need more than one to do the set.

So I don't know what to do. Should I make another set of the same pattern? Or should I find something else to do with 300 grams (450 metres or 500 yards) of this lovely bulky weight yarn?

Off Topic:
It was a fairly busy weekend. We got our son and his g/f a new wood stove so that chewed up a large part of Saturday and then we went to their place for supper on Sunday night. It was really nice seeing the lovely fire burning away and their house was perfectly warm! That crappy wood stove that was in their house when they bought it was a hunk of junk! It was too small to build a normal fire and the way it was designed, you couldn't get the cleaning brush through it. The only redeeming quality it had was a glass door and Becca likes the glass door.

We found one at the TSC Store in Orangeville that had a scratch on the side and the flue handle and a couple of dents, but nothing severe. Unfortunately, this is the only one they had but it was on sale for a few hundred less because of the few small blemishes.

Here's the very first fire in the brand new stove:

I LOVE that my son and g/f live RIGHT across the road from us. We live in rural Ontario so there's not a lot of peeps around here. Even them, I wouldn't walk to their house if I was in a rush. It's almost 1km from our door to theirs and they are our closest neighbours. I can't see their house though, there's a line of evergreen trees in the path so we both have "privacy" from each other.

I swear I'm not one of those mothers that shows up all the time or anything like that. I only go over if invited and if we are going to "drop by" for a minute, I ALWAYS call. The one upside for them is that when I mow my lawn in the summer (6 acres) I go over and do theirs too (2 acres) with my massive lawn tractor. I love to mow the lawn :o) And I try to do it (weather permitting) when they're at work.

Well, back to my household rearranging. I am having such a hard time making our stuff fit into this little farm house. We're talking renovations...I hope that will commence this spring!

Bye for now.
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