Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 - Cable Needles

Even though I've knit for many years, I never knew any advanced techniques. I knew how to knit and purl and K2tog but if there was a YO, SSK or C4L, etc, I wouldn't even attempt it.

Now I search for patterns that have things I don't know how to do in them thanks to the Internet and programs like the Knitting Help app. I'm a visual person so when I read the words describing how to do something, I have a hard time grasping it. I could NOT get the Kitchener Stitch until I found http://www.knittinghelp.com/ and for the first few socks, I watched the video each time and now it's like second nature.

I've always loved the way cables looked but was VERY intimidated by them. Now that I've done a few projects with cables in them, I'm all BRING IT ON!

I like hand tools so I want to try all different ways of doing things. I have several different types of cable needles and I tried them all on different projects.

For most projects I just use a double point in the same size as the needles I'm using but if it's a smaller project the double point gets in the way so I like the hook one shown in the centre above. My least favourite needle is the bottom one, I find it awkward and it slides out really easily.

I know there are different cable needles but these are the ones I have.

The Hook Cable Needle

Using a Double Point Needle

Knitting off the Double Point

The Metal One with the Bendy bit

Cable stitches slipped back to the left needle

I finished knitting the body of the hat. I did the top braid and one of the ear-flap braids but I'm out of yarn so I need to frog the first hat I made with this yarn because it's too big anyway. I can't see that happening tonight.

There's my hat! I love it as much as I love the mitts!

I have a natural colourway of this yarn too, 2 full 150 gram balls. Hmm, should I make another set?

Later peeps.

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