Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 33 - Knitting Stitch Markers

One of the other things I do with my time is make Knitting Stitch Markers. I used to make lots of bracelets and anklets but not so much anymore. I still have a large supply of finished jewellery and a very large supply of glass beads. I was going to start selling stuff like that online or in LYS but I just didn't get around to it but my friends all have really nice stitch markers ;o)

Here are some small cut glass bead markers in process, suitable for 3mm needle and less.

These ones are larger, will fit up to 6mm needle:

Here's a mess of psychedelic glass ones, up to 5mm needle:

Assortment of marker sets:

I love these ones!! These lovely glass beads are flat so they lay flat on your work. I use these ones the most!

I have these ones at a LYS nearby. I don't really shop there anymore so I should probably go get them. I had a spare piece of mirror glass so I made the little box they're in. (I'm also a stained glass artisan, if you didn't know that about me)

Here's about 1/3 of my glass beads on the bench in the glass shop. I love those balancing fish too. They're made out of glass and balance on their front fins.

I really should spend a day making a huge bunch of new markers but for now, the beads are here waiting for a nice knitted shawl that needs some nice beads.

Well, back to my knitting. I'm trying to get a hat/mitt/sock set made for the daughter of a friend who is scheduled to have her newest baby any time now. It was due on Feb 2 but still no baby (as far as I know).

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